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Take control of your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) mini-leagues.
Simply upload your FPL squad to access our unique mix of features:

• Individual and mini-league rival stats
• Customisable gameweek durations
• Additional league slots
• Last Man Standing/Elimination mode
• Champions League mode

It’s FPL but played your way.

Create Custom FPL Leagues

- Last man standing/Elimination mode.
- Champions League format.
- Set duration of your mini-leagues as you wish.
- Additional league space on top of what FPL provide.

View your own and your opponents FPL stats

- Captain stats
- Team value sheets
- Rank data

Public mini-league database

- Check out what leagues others are playing
- Custom search
- Find and join the kind of league you want to play in

Register your team and start playing now

We do NOT store your password on our systems - this is only used to obtain your team setup from the FPL API.
Simply type in your FPL email and password and you’re good to go.
Create and control your custom mini-leagues with us, while continuing to manage your team via the main FPL site.

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