About FPL Connect

Interested in where the concept for FPL Connect all began? Our story is shared below…


This all started with an idea.

Since I started engaging in creating FPL content and the community itself, what stood out for me is the shared enjoyment of the game and that experience of enjoying it together. It’s a fantastic game.

For me (Simon), though, it’s always felt like much more than just a game. Football has always been my life. My passion. Discovering FPL was a life changing moment for me too. I can’t imagine watching the Premier League without playing FPL at the same time!

Being part of the FPL Twitter community simply enhanced those feelings tenfold. Since we started, I’ve been proud that we at FPL Connect have built a strong reputation in the community for things like our captaincy metric and press conference round-up article.

But after several years of development, and after a realisation that I really didn’t want to work for anyone except me, doing something I love, it’s time to take the next step on my journey.

What it is and who we are

So, I set up a day with two of my close friends (Blake and Gaz), who I knew were both good at the game and had a great understanding of it, with the agenda of forming some kind of service/business.

Blake is now a director and shareholder in the business whereas Gaz stepped down, as he couldn’t commit the kind of time, he wanted to it, with his life becoming quite hectic with his own work and ambitions.

Going into it, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted to work doing something I loved, and I loved football, and playing FPL, and I figured that with my ability to solve problems, I believed I could, with the help of my mates, identify a gap in the market and come up with something original.

We felt that FPL could benefit from having the concept of “one day fantasy” merged into it when it came to the creation of the mini-leagues in the sense that, after a while, a lot of the population of users (usually around 50% of players) typically drop off around December/January time due to lack of engagement with the product, too far behind in their mini-leagues or just losing interest.

We feel that we can, through greater customisation and control of the creation of mini-leagues, help to keep engagement levels high throughout the entire season, by offering our users the ability to create mini-leagues that are of a duration of their choosing for example, a user can play one GW or from GW1-4 etc.

So if some users fall too far behind in their main leagues, they have the opportunity to create and join new leagues throughout the season, or even compete on a shorter term basis.

In addition to the above, we want to improve upon those simply losing interest, as a simple classic scoring system (where total points are totted up GW to GW in an overall table) and H2H (where players face off against each other and whoever has the highest total points gets 3 points added to the overall table) is all that FPL have offered since its inception.

With this in mind, we want to bring brand new, exclusive league types “Last Man Standing” and “UCL” (Uefa Champions League) to the table as part of our service. We’re very excited about these new league types. We believe they will greatly enhance the FPL mini-league experience and add a new and exciting dimension to the way we compete against each other.

And finally, we want to add in a more personalised touch, so we’ve incorporated statistics as part of our feature. We’ve started with some basic stats and we’ll look to build on these as the product grows.


Our aim and mission is simply to enhance the enjoyment and experience, tenfold, of Fantasy Premier League through additional, and what we feel are, exciting new features.

We want to see the game grow even further and help to increase engagement levels so that there isn’t such a significant drop off of active users throughout the season.

We want to work with the main FPL communities to truly shape a service that everyone, not just the hardcore players, will love and enjoy to play and, will agree, ultimately enhances the current experience we have of playing Fantasy Premier League.

Create Custom FPL Leagues

- Last man standing/Elimination mode.
- Champions League format.
- Set duration of your mini-leagues as you wish.
- Additional league space than FPL provide.

View your own and your opponents FPL stats

View your captain stats, bench stats, GW and Overall Rank stats, average team value versus the population, net gain of your transfers, net gain of your chips and more…

Check out our public mini-league database

Every public mini-league that’s created will be submitted to a database that everyone can view on our site. From there, you can search for the type of mini-league you’d like to join, or if you know the name of one, simply type it in and join that way.

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